Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Introducing - Honey Heart

Not that I think that you have been anxiously awaiting this pattern, but I have been working on it for weeks trying to format it. It took longer to take pictures and get it designed and wrote up than it did to think of it, design it, and make it!
This is one of those projects that I said have been bouncing around in my head that I wanted to make and then share with everyone. Honey started out as a crochet project, but she just got to big for what I was picturing so I switched to plastic canvas. Honey looks a little cheesy to me, but her purpose is kind of cheesy so I guess that fits.

You see, my wonderful husband started leaving me little somethings when he left for work. Once it was some paper flowers that he made, another time it was a pictograph on our dry erase board. It turned into a game for us. I left him a note using a dry erase marker on the mirror to find when he woke up. He drew a picture of he and I sitting in a tree on the dry erase board etc. I wanted to create something that I could leave in an unexpected place for him to find so that he would know I was thinking about him. I wanted it to be able to "hold" things, either to hold onto something or to hold notes etc. Honey was born.
I am trying something new and have created the instructions as a PDF that will need to be downloaded. You can do so by clicking on the picture. It is my hope to one day sell some of my patterns on ETSY so I need to start getting used to creating patterns this way. You guys can be my testing group! Hope that you don't mind. If you chose to download the pattern, please leave some comments about the layout, clearness of instructions, etc. Just feedback that lets me know what you think of it so I can improve what needs improved and not mess with what works.

(Our Honey Heart was packed up in my hubby's suitcase for him to discover at the hotel when he arrived!)

Click the picture to download the zipped PDF file  
The file storage site I was using has deleted all of my files.  My previous computer crashed.  I am currently searching files attempting to recover this pattern.  When i do I will post the correcting link.  Hopefully Honey Heart isn't gone forever!



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What a really cute idea!!

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