Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jesus Lives book review

I realize it has been a while since I have done a book review.  It really isn't that I haven't been reading, just that none of them have really been all that worthy of review.  Then I received this book, Jesus Livesby Sarah Young.  This isn't a sit down and read it through book, more like a devotion book or a resource book, but it is one that has really strengthened my relationship with Christ.

This book is divided into 46 different themes of Jesus life, from adversity, to grace, to worship.  Each theme includes at least 1 devotion/letter on the topic as well as scripture verses concerning it as well.  That is pretty much the nuts and bolts of this book.

I found, as I read through the book, that each devotion spoke to me.  They are written as if they were letters from Christ himself, and each one is full of His love.  They each seem to touch on real life, and are personal.  For instance one devotion under "trials" begins "When life gets really difficult, don't jump to the conclusion that I'm not on the job.  Instead, be glad you are in the thick of what I experienced.  Accept your ordeal as a spiritual refining process, with Glory just around the corner."  This is actually a verse from I Peter, however Sarah Young's writing style makes you feel as if you are reading the words written in a personal letter rather than a verse from the Bible.  She brings to the page the reality of scripture being more than just words on a page, but a love letter to each of us.  Ms. Young simplifies this by gathering up verses with a similar theme and placing them together in smaller "letters" to us.  She even goes so far as to italicize the scripture verses in each devotion/letter to illuminate what is truly God's word and what is her additions.

While this is not a replacement for scripture study, it is a great resource for any Christian, but especially new Christians, to assist in personalizing the Word to our situations and feelings.  The subtitle "seeing His love in your life" is definitely apt and appropriate.



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