Saturday, January 16, 2010

week 3 Snowflake Saturday

Okay, I know that this post is WAY late in the day and I apologize.  I have thought about posting all day.  I searched for a suitable snowflake pattern.  I even found one and made it.  But posting, just not enough energy for that.

Baby A is teething again.  Hopefully this is the last time until 12 year molars.  The last visible spaces are being filled this time.  As usual it is two at a time.  One has broke through but the second is just red and swollen and very painful for her.  She didn't sleep well last night and ended up in bed with me at 6 am just so I wouldn't have to keep getting up and walking to her room.  Her nap was short which meant my attempt to sneak a few zzz's was a waste of time.  I have felt blah and fuzzy headed all day. 

But I escaped for a few minutes to sneak into my room and exercise.  I opened the laptop to cue up the video and decided to take a moment and share this weeks snowflake.  It is called the triple crochet snowflake.  The pattern is not attibuted to anyone on the site and it is an archive page.  However, a picture is listed on the page.  I chose to use a smaller hook to create a smaller snowflake.  I believe I used a 1.5 mm size 8 hook rather than the size 5 it calls for.  Hope you like it!


Amber said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh, how I remember teething! Both girls, also, would cut 2 teeth at a time. Long sleepless nights and long unrestful days. Ryan and I would take turns being up. He always had the 12 am-3am shift I had the rest of the time. It worked well, he was able to get sleep before work and I did get some rest. Goodbye to those days!!

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