Friday, June 4, 2010

What I have been up to...

 My house has been completely turned upside down and my family has been forced to restructure.  It has been a very difficult time and we had had to rely on God and trust that He will find a way to work the decisions that a 15 year old makes (and a court system supports despite evidence that it isn't a wise one) for good in the long run.  Suffice it to say that there have been a lot of hurt feelings recently and for J and H there still are some unresolved emotional issues.  Those that know me personally will understand.

I just wanted to take a moment to post some of the projects I have been working on and have completed during the many late nights recently.

This is a desk decoration for H's teacher this year.  The apple, caterpillar, and base are made of polymer clay and the chalkboard was purchased.  I wrote on it with a paint pen.  A really inexpensive gift that has a purpose and hopefully won't get added to a Goodwill pile.  H is going to write a thank you note to go with it.

And this is a really bad picture of a felt flower pin I made using this tutorial that I used to close the bag we placed the desk thingy in.

This is an ongoing project that I started when baby A was born almost 2 years ago.  It usually doesn't take me that long to complete a project like this but for some reason I just couldn't commit to this one.  Her room is done in sunflowers (imagine that).  The finished size is about 5.25 by 7.25 inches.  Now to mat and frame it so I can hang it in her room.  The pattern is from Sunshine garden: 10 designs (Leisure Arts leaflet) and is actually supposed to be a pillow.  Lots of cute patterns in the leaflet with sunflowers, ladybug bears, bumblebee bears and more.

 And this is Babs.  Baby A actually named her Beeb but we convinced her that Babs was a better fit (or at least it made a little more sense!)  Babs was made using a free pattern called the Mini Free Spirit doll.  The dress she is wearing is from the same site and is also a free pattern.  Babs has become baby A's new favorite doll and she goes with us everywhere.

I also made several hats, booties, headbands, sweaters and a blanket for GTA in addition to starting another cross stitch project entitled "but they that wait" from Glorious Earth, Inspired by Isaiah Book #24011 part of the Praying Hands collection.  It's going to be a Christmas gift if I finish in time.

I plan to finish the Proverbs 31 study in the near future, and I am currently working on a few snowflake patterns for Snowflake Saturdays.  I have run out of white sz 10 thread which makes it a bit difficult to translate what is in my head to tangible items!



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