Saturday, June 11, 2011

June Blooms Day 11

Another sunflower.  Who would have thought I would feature sunflowers?  I mean seriously, does anyone else out there like these things?  This year I am hoping that my REAL sunflower seedlings will grow up instead of dying on me.  I have no luck growing plants from seeds.  Once they are established I do great but I just don't do well with seeds.  Anyways, here is today's pattern from Bigú Osuna.  She calls it the Granny Girasol (which apparently means sunflower - who knew?)  The pattern is in both Spanish and English, which is great for me because my high school and college Spanish classes didn't stick with me so much.  Princess A probably knows more Spanish from watching Dora and Diego than I do after 2+ years of it!  I know, how sad.  So here is the picture, and anyone wanting to make me a Girasol afghan would become my bff!

Until next time,


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