Monday, November 14, 2011

I.A.K. week 3

To be honest, being intentionally kind has really changed my perspective on some things.  Not that I wasn't a kind person before this challenge, but that when you intentionally look for ways to be kind you become more aware of the people around you.  Rather than averting your eyes when you see the man dressed in dirty clothes holding a cardboard sign you check your purse to see if you have any cash to pass through the window and if not you whisper a prayer for God to watch over him and keep him safe.  Instead of taking for granted the cashier ringing up your purchase, you intentionally converse with him or her.  A lot of times it is the little things.  This week I am focusing on the little things.

So with no particular days assigned, here are the things I intend to do this week:

Return my shopping cart to the cart coral or, even better, the store.  While this won't ensure the employee doesn't have to come out and collect carts, at least they don't have to collect mine.  If more of us did this it would make a huge impact.

When shopping in the clothing department, if I notice an item that has fallen to the floor I will replace it on a hanger and hang it back up.  This helps both the employee in fellow shopper.  The employee doesn't have to rehang it and other shoppers can find it!

I will park towards the back of the parking lot when shopping.  This frees up the closer spaces for other shoppers to park and it will give me and my family some much needed exercise.

I will be aware of those in line with me.  I will be looking for people with just a few items, or those with small children who are getting fussy and allow them to check out before me.  It doesn't hurt me to wait a few extra minutes and those minutes may bless their day.

When shopping, if I have coupons that are about to expire and I will not be using them I will place them on the shelf with the item so that another shopper can enjoy the savings.

When visiting the park (weather permitting of course) we will look for trash and pick it up.  Everyone deserves a beautiful park!

I will intentionally and truly listen when people talk to me, this includes my family.  I admit there are places and times when I am guilty of the offhanded uh-huh rather than truly listening to what the other person is saying.  This week I will truly listen and contribute to the conversations whether it is the cashier telling me about her day, my husband describing his hunting excursion, my children telling me about the math problem no one could solve, or my neighbor talking about having to buy their first ever snow shovel I will listen intentionally.

I want my kids to learn that being kind isn't always about giving someone something tangible, sometimes it is about giving part of yourself to someone so that they know they are valuable.  After all, everything in life boils down to just two things, love God and love your neighbor.  I want my kids to grow up doing both! What are you doing this week?

Until next time,


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