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Shells and Vines sweater

Today is kind of cold and dreary. Been inside all morning working on a baby shower afghan for a friend from church and realized it was time to post another pattern on here. Baby A has been kind of fussy this morning which has made it hard to get anything done but I just gave her to daddy which gives me a few minutes to post.
J, my son, had to have minor at home surgery this morning before school. Here is the background. 5 days after A was born, J decided to use our 10 inch chef knife that my hubby keeps extra sharp to remove the core from an apple rather than the small knife that he is allowed to use. In addition, he decided not to put the apple on the cutting board but to hold it in his hand while cutting. Needless to say this was not a good idea as he cut through the apple, through the nerve, tendon and artery of one finger and into the next finger. Hubby took him to the emergency room and a week later he had reconstructive surgery on the finger. This involved sewing a button onto h…