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Feature Friday - Mario

How many of you remember Mario and Luigi on the old Nintendo?  I have to be honest, I may have played the game once when I was a kid.  Never was a gamer.  I discovered this past Christmas that I am still not a gamer.

We were wandering around our local GameStop and I was looking for a game that the family could play together on our Wii.  I came across New Super Mario Bros. Wii and really thought this would be fun to play.  I got the game as a Christmas present from Mr. Sunflowers.  We sat down one night to play it.  The kids loved it.  Hubby loved it.  I hated it.  I don't know if it was because my family gets to competitive and I am just not a good player which leads to a lot of "hurry up mom!" or "do you want me to do this part for you?" (boy doesn't that one just make you feel like an awesome player!) and not a good time.  So my family plays together without me and I am still searching for the ultimate, fun family Wii game.  (Any suggestions?)

So what dre…

2 summer sundress

Just wanted to share my latest project for Princess A.  I love those little dresses with crochet or knit tops and fabric bottoms.  I found this pattern on Ravelry and it is called the Two Summer Sundress because it is made in such a way that your child should be able to wear it for 2 summers (bet you couldn't guess that from the name could you!?)

 Doesn't she just look so sweet and angelic in this picture? 
And the back?  The pattern calls for ribbon on the inside of the straps and waistband to keep it from stretching out and I really think that the pattern could use some visuals for that.  Princess A seems to like it pretty well.  Now to find the perfect flower to go with it for her hair and for next months June Blooms series.

Until next time,