Saturday, June 2, 2012

Leap Frog Summer Camp

I have to admit, summers around my house are pretty lazy.  We set up the little kiddie pool in the backyard, buy a sprinkler or slip and slide for the kids and after about a week my kids start the whine.  You know the one.

"I'm booorrreeeeeddd!  There's nothing to do around here."

I can only in good conscience let them play so many hours of video games before I have to say stop.  Now my older children can always go read a book or hang out with some friends.  The princess, however, can't read yet and is still a bit to young to turn lose on the neighborhood!  So we try board games.

Hi Ho Cherry-o isn't to bad the first 15 times a day.  After a while though I start to stuff those little cherries between the couch cushions until we just don't have enough to play anymore.  And seriously, how many times can two people play old maid before one really starts to FEEL like the old maid looks?

This summer, I hope, is going to be different.  The family splurged on summer passes to the local Wave Pool park.  (We went for the first time last week and 3 of us got sunburned!  The only one who didn't was my son, who refused to use the spf 70 sunscreen the rest of us used.  Go figure!)  But I wanted something slightly, sneakily educational for the princess to do too.  Leap Frog to the rescue!

I LOVE Leap Frog toys.  Princess has the Imagination Desk (which we were fortunate enough to get free from our local FreeCycle group), the Scribble and Write (which was also free with loyalty points from our bank), the Leapster 2 and about 10 games (which we picked up at our local Goodwill for $8.00 total!) and of course her friend Scout that she got as a birthday gift.  In case you haven't picked it up yet, I also love bargains.  Leap Frog must have had me in mind when they created their Summer Camp program!

Now, I have never done one of these before, so all I have to go on is what they advertise, but it's free so I am willing to give a brand I trust a shot at that price!  It's a program set up for ages 4-7 to help keep them learning all summer long through fun, weekly projects and themes.  "Enjoy 8 weeks of printables, crafts and fun projects while exploring geography, writing, science, art and more!" the site claims.  Sounds fun to me, how about you?  It begins June 4th and all you have to do to get involved is visit their site here and sign up.  You will get bi-weekly emails and get special discounts on LeapFrog items as well!

Maybe this will at least keep the princess from being "boorrrreeeddd" this summer!

Until next time,

 I have not been asked or solicited to endorse LeapFrog or their products in anyway. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. This post contains affiliate links.


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