Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Ellie

I had some yarn left over after making a photo set for a friend in preparation of the birth of her second child.  Knowing that I was going to be working on the 40 in 40 challenge soon, I decided to play around with it and create a new pattern.  The flower motif above the ribbing is not my own design, it is actually called Flowers in a Row.  I was scrolling through Pinterest and it caught my eye....and the Ellie was born.

 This pattern has not been tested (I just finished writing it Tuesday!) so if you discover an error, please leave me a comment.  And yes, the picture quality definitely leaves something to be desired, but it was late and I wanted to give you some sort of visual to go with the pattern.  :)

The pattern will be available for download from my Ravelry store for FREE until the end of the 40 in 40 challenge this year.  After that time it will be available for a small fee in multiple sizes. Download it now by clicking here.

Until next time,


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