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40 in 40 2015 week 5

I spent the week really under the weather with a FUO, or Fever of Unkown Origin.  Yes, I went to the doc and as of Friday the lab results point towards some sort of viral infection.  Fortunately by Saturday, after 12 days of fever, I woke up feeling like myself again.  I played catch up towards the end of the week as I didn't really feel up to working on hats at the beginning.  I did manage to get all 6 hats completed though!

Do the Twist was first on my list.  This is the first time I have ever done a top down knit hat.  The designer incorporated a yarn over before every ssk to create the twist, but after I completed about 1/2 the hat I found I didn't like the large hole that left so I frogged it and on the second go around I used a M1 increase instead.  same effect with a smaller hole.  When working the bind off I would recommend using a larger needle and working it VERY losely, otherwise it will be very tight on the baby's head.  (Don't ask how I know!)

This is the B…