Monday, January 25, 2010

Just another manic monday....

Okay, so this song tells my age quite a bit.  I loved the Bangles growing up.  This morning the title of this song and some of the lyrics kept coming to me.  Today is the first day in about 2 years that the kids have ridden the bus to school.
     I realize that for most kids this is the norm, and it was in my house for years just because it was easier to send the kids out the door without having to bundle up a toddler and pack everyone in the car to drop them off.  Then K started middle school.  The first year or so she rode the bus, until complaints began to trickle in about how they were being dropped off at the school unsupervised because the bus schedule got them there about an hour before school started!  Needless to say bus rides stopped then, and if I was driving one then I could drive them all since by that time they were all in school.
     Now that we are down to 1 vehicle and hubby won't be here with it when they would otherwise have to leave for school, we are back to riding the bus.  I have learned that the schedule has not changed much but the driver stays with the kids on the bus until a staff person at the middle school arrives to supervise.  Both J and K will get to school almost an hour before classes start.  It also means we have to get up an hour earlier.  They have to catch the bus at 6:40 in the morning. 
     So today was the first day.  Baby A didn't sleep well last night and woke up at around 6:30 cranky and exhausted.  I discovered that the schedule posted on the schools website for bus runs was inaccurate.  K and J would have been 5 minutes late for the bus had we not left early and H would have been almost 10 minutes late.  (Fortunately my hubby was home this morning so I drove the kids to the bus stop just to be sure that the times were correct.  Glad I did!)  Baby A refused to eat breakfast and is currently asleep again at 8:30 am when she usually doesn't nap until about 11 am.  Not sure how the rest of the day is going to work out!  Should be interesting.
      Needless to say all of us are going to be tired and probably grouchy this afternoon/evening.  Which is a good segway into today's scripture card.  This month we were attempting to read a chapter of Proverbs a day as our family Bible Study.  It hasn't worked out quite like any of us had hoped.  Up to chapter 15 it was a very grueling process.  We had to stop and review each verse since this book isn't in "story" format.  The kids were having a difficult time following along and understanding everything, especially when wisdom and folly were personified as women.  Once they got used to the personification concept it switches back to a more literal reading.  Finally, with chapter 15 I decided that each person would read the chapter and chose one proverb.  They would then come to Bible study with their chosen proverb, an explanation of what it means to them, and an example of that proverb in action in real life.  so we are only actually discussing 5 proverbs an evening, but those 5 really mean something and sink in.  Today is the 25th of January and we are only on Proverbs 17 (told you those first chapters were grueling and difficult for us!) and that is where today's scripture card comes from:

as always feel free to click here and download a higher resolution image suitable for printing, or grab this and share it as you wish, but please be sure to include a link back to my blog and give me credit for the card.
     Like I said, this is a great verse for us to review this evening since we will all be so apt to argue and quarrel this evening.  Hope you have a great week!



Amber said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Wow! What a schedule! The bus picks the kids up across the street at 8:30 and they get home at 4:30, I thought that was a long day! Thankfully, when Jaiden starts next year, she will only go a half of a day.

As for the song, I love it too! The Bangles were great! My favorite was Walk Like an Egyptian. I used to think Manic Monday was "man eating Monday"! Hey, I was young! Jaiden heard it the other day and thought it was "magic Monday". I'll have to do a post about misheard song lyrics!

Hope the new routine get easier!!

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