Friday, August 5, 2011

taking a yarn break

I have been working off and on making this baby afghan for a friend.

 Honestly, more off than on because this afghan seriously eats yarn and feels like you are going nowhere with it.  Basically you are making two afghans at the same time so it is going to be really warm and soft, but making it seems endless.  It is about 1/2 done and has alread used 4 skeins of Simply Soft yarn!  (You can find the pattern here.)

I have also just begun knitting an afghan (if it is knit is it still an afghan?) for Princess A as well.  I picked up some peach acrylic yarn at AC Moore in the mill ends box.  With the 40% off coupon I paid about $4 for a pound of yarn.  I am converting this knit potholder pattern.  I am doing 5 repeats across and 7 repeats tall to create an afghan for her toddler bed that matches her sunflower room.  Hopefully I will finish it before she outgrows the bed!

Ocassionally though, my hand itch to pull out the sewing machine. With J and H heading to middle school in about 1 1/2 weeks (yippee!) I decided to work on something school related.  When I saw this notebook cover tutorial I just knew I had to make some for H.  She has her girly moments.  Besides, who wants to have a composition notebook that looks like everyone elses?  These look much better!
(Totally do NOT look at the awful finish of my dining room table!  It was a 10 year old hand-me-down when we got it 13 years ago.  It is so due for a refinish but I just can't work up the gumption to pull out the palm sander and do it!)

Then J informed me that most of the teachers want the subject and student's name on the front of the notebook.  May have to add a clear vinyl pocket to the front of these.  I told H that she would have to see what her teachers say before I make anymore.  Besides, I secretly hope they tell her that the covers are a no-no so that I can keep that frog one for myself!  That was the last of the material I had left from the purses I made almost a year ago, and even then it was several years old. 

Until next time,


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