Saturday, June 25, 2011

June Blooms - Day 25

Is your kitchen looking floral yet?  We have dish clothes, towel hangers, flower scrubbies, and today we have another hot pad.  You really can't have to many!

I thought these looked AMAZING and I just had to share with you. Unlike the Starburst hotpad I shared yesterday, this one is NOT made up of different motifs that are then assembled, so no chance of losing pieces (not that I have EVER lost pieces of a project before and had to remake them only to discover the missing piece weeks after I had completed the project leaving me with one piece and nothing to do with it so I ended up making a whole new project only to run out of yarn and be unable to find the correct dye lot anywhere in my area so then I had an almost completed project and had to decide to scrap the whole thing or find a yarn that was close enough in color that it wouldn't be really obvious that I had mixed dye lots.  But I am not bitter about it at all!).  Wow!  Where did that come from!

Back on track now.  Here is the link to today's Crochet Flower Hot Pad that includes an annotated picture of the folding directions to achieve the petal look. 

Until next time,


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