Friday, June 24, 2011

June Blooms Day 24

Did you get all your sunflowers made yesterday?  If not you may not want to read today's post because this pattern is so pretty you will want to set the sunflowers aside (which for me means I will find them months later at the bottom of my crochet basket sans pattern and they will become UFO's forever!).  This one is called the Starburst Hotpad by Loretta Shepp.
Seriously, isn't that just gorgeous?!?!  I don't know that I would ever use it for fear of messing it up or getting it dirty.  Maybe just make a bunch of them and use them to wallpaper the kitchen with!  Okay, maybe not wallpaper but a border would be nice.  Click here for a video of how to assemble the motifs if you aren't clear on the directions.  (Thanks Junbug for sharing!)  Oh, and if anyone wants to make some extras to donate to my border, the colors are sunshine yellow and forest green! 

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Brenda said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

wow, I love your colors! I have this pattern but haven't made it yet but now seeing what it looks like with brighter colors I'm thinking I'll be making this sometime soon.

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