Thursday, June 9, 2011

June Blooms Day 9

Today has been a rather busy day around the Sunflower's house.  Mr. Sunflowers, J and H spent all morning tearing down a swing set and fort that was built when K was 5 (11 years ago).  The fort was built from scrap and recycled lumber.  They both held up well with 3 kids playing rough and hard on it over the years and being exposed to the elements.  I never repainted the metal swing set and we didn't treat the wood.  However, the fort's plywood floor has begun to feel soft and spongy and the swing set is rusted with the plastic seats being cracked.  Time to rebuild.  This time we are adding a slide to the fort rather than the rinky dink one that comes with the cheap metal swing set.  (After researching the cost to simply buy the accessories and make a wooden swing set attached to the fort we realized is was more economical to buy the metal swing set and use it instead!)

Mr. Sunflowers and J are out purchasing the swing set and the lumber as I type now which is probably a good thing since it is smack dab in the middle of the day (read that as the hottest part).  That leaves me a few minutes to share today's flower granny with you.  Today's pattern is called Something Pretty and is the brain child of Mille over at Mille Makes.  She made this awesome pillow:
You can't really tell in the above picture but the flowers are textured.  Look at this one:
I love how they kind of pop up at you.  Mille saw a picture of this motif and couldn't find a pattern so she created her own and kindly shared it with the world.  Not only does she share the pattern with us here but she also gives directions for her slip stitch join so you can get that neat little chain stitch looking join you see above.

Should you decide to make this, or any of the other June Bloom patterns, I would love for you to share your photos with me on the Sunflowers at Home Facebook page.

Just got a call from hubby.  Kmart (the least expensive local swing set retailer in our area) informed him that they did not have our swing set in stock despite the fact that the internet said they did.  Hubby then asked about what they did have in stock.  Stock guys said he had one for $50 more.  Asked if it was in stock, he said he had to check.  Lo and behold they also had FIVE of the swing sets we wanted.  We always seem to have problems with Kmart which is why we rarely shop there.  So Mr. Sunflower and J Sunflower are on their way home which means back to work for me!

Until next time,

P.S. No, I am not so lucky that my hubby gets to stay home on a weekday. I wrote this post on Memorial Day.


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