Monday, March 4, 2013

Owl Hat

Okay, I promised you on Saturday that I would share my new hat pattern.  First let me tell you about it.

I have been saving pictures of inspiration pieces for some time now, sticking them in a folder with the thought that I would one day sit down and work out a pattern for it.  That is how this one came about.  The picture was of an adult hat, and to be honest I don't even know where I found the original picture, which is why I am not sharing it.

Well, with all the baby hats I have been making I wanted to design one of my own.  So I flipped through my inspiration album and chose this one.  It should fit a newborn, but can easily be resized to fit just about anyone by adding multiples of 4 stitches.  If you find a problem with the pattern, please let me know as it hasn't been tested.

That being said, here is the hat:

and here is the pattern:

Owl Newborn Hat

You will need:
size 6 dpn
sports weight yarn.  example worked using Bernat Baby Sport in colorway denim marl
cable needle

stitch guide:
C4B = Cable Four Back; Worked over 4 sts. Place the first 2 sts on cable needle, hold in back of work, K2, then K2 from the cable needle.

C4F = Cable Four Front: Worked over 4 sts. Place the first 2 sts on cable needle, hold in front of work, K2, then K2 from the cable needle.

p2tog = purl next two stitches together

pattern begins here
co 58
r 1-2:  k2, p2, k8, *p2, k2 repeat from * around ending with p2

r3:  k2, p2, C4b, C4F, *p2, k2 repeat from * around

r4-5:  repeat  r1 and r2

r6: p in the front and back of next stitch, p3, k8, p in next 15, p in front and back of next stitch, p in remaining stitches (60 stitches)

r7-10: p in 5, k8, p in remaining

r11:  p5, C4B, C4F, p in remaining

r12: repeat r7

r13-14:  p5, K1, P2, K2, P2, K1, p in remaining

r15-16:  repeat r7

r17:  p5, place 2 stitches in the cable needle and hold to back, k2, p the two stitches on the cable needle, place 2 stitches on the cable needle and hold to front, p2, k the two stitches on the cable needle, p remaining stitches

r18: p5, k2, p4, k2, p remaining

r 19: p around

repeat r19 until hat measures 4 inches from beginning

begin decreases

r1: *p8, p2tog repeat from * around

r2: p around and every even round

r3: *p7, p2tog  repeat from * around

r5: *p6, p2tog  repeat

r7: *p5, p2tog repeat

r9:  *p4, p2tog  repeat

r11: *p3, p2tog  repeat

r13:  *p2, p2tog repeat

r15: *p1, p2tog repeat

r17 * p2tog repeat   break off leaving a long tail.  weave tail into live stitches and pull tight.

I would love for you to share pictures of your completed hats on my Facebook page.  And if you have some extra yarn, please consider making an extra hat to donate to a charitable organization such as God's Tiny Angels

Until next time,

If you have enjoyed this pattern, would you consider donating a small amount to Sunflowers at Home?


sagewitch said...

I think the bottom ribbing pattern is all wrong. Just wanted to let you know.

Ginny of Sunflowers at Home said...

@sagewitch, the ribbing on this includes the bottom of the owl, so the ribbing doesn't go completely around the hat. Perhaps that is what you are seeing as wrong. If you could give more detail I might be able to help a little more.

Tina said...

I love this pattern! Thanks for sharing it with us! I plan to make one with some lovely leftover sport weight yarn I have in my stash, but I'm worried it's not enough for the whole hat. How much of the skein do you think you used for this hat (approximately)? Many thanks! :D

Ginny of Sunflowers at Home said...

@Tina I would say that it was probably about 200 yards of yarn or so, definitely not a full skein.

Tina said...

Thank you Ginny! :)

Kim said...

I LOVE THIS! I have been searching for owl things for babies as my niece will be having her first child in February, and everything will be owls. My question is - can I use the owl pattern on a cardigan/sweater also without the cabling pulling in? I would like to make a set all matching. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am finding very little out there.


Kim said...

I LOVE THIS! I am trying to find owl sweater/cardigans for babies also. My questions is - can I use this owl on a sweater without the cabling pulling in? My niece is having her first child & everything is in owls.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. There doesn't seem to be a lot out there for this.

Ginny of Sunflowers at Home said...

@Kim You absolutely can use this in a sweater and it shouldn't pull in to much. Check out for some really cute free baby sweaters with cabled owls in the pattern. Congrats to your niece!

Anna said...

What a sweet pattern. I'm kinda thinking about lining three owls up in a row on the front. I can't tell how obvious just one would be and I have down the owl sleep sack on Ravelry and loved how it turned out. Thank you for the free pattern. Pansitoo on Ravelry :)

Unknown said...

I LOVE this pattern and would truly love to make one for an adult. I know you said i can resize by adding stitches in multiples of 4. I am concerned about how to increase the size of the actual owl...if I increase my cast on to 74 stitches (increase of 4 sets of 4 stitches) how would i calculate the cable pattern?

any advice would be great appreciated!


Ginny of Sunflowers at Home said...

I have never made this in an adult size. That being said, I imagine you could change the C4B and C4F to something like C6B and C6F where 3 stitches move forward or backward depending on the stitch. You could also add several regular knit stitches between the cable stitches to widen the owl. Hope that helps!

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